4 Best Beats Headphones for Djing (Complete Guide 2023)

Beats is a good headphones brand. Therefore people want to know about their best beats headphones for djing.

Beats is an American industry of headphones that was founded by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine in 2006. Before headphone production, they were in music kind of things. Most Beats products were famous for bass. 

In this post, we have reviewed the best Beats headphones for djing.

And mentioned which one you should get for djing.

Are Beats headphones good for DJing?

Most of the Beasts headphones can be used for DJing. Because they have neutral and clear sound. They are comfortable to use for a long time, durable, and can be connected to a DJ. Beats Solo 3 and Solo Pro are the perfect beats headphones for DJing.

Best Beats headphones for djing

best beats headphones for djing
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Beats Solo Pro
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Beats Solo 3
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Beats Ep
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Beats Studio 3
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1. Beats Solo Pro (Best)

are beats headphones good for djing

Beats solo pro is an on-ear wireless headphone. The overall design is good and is comfortable to use for hours. It has active noise-canceling that helps you to focus on your work and give comfort.

The sound quality is clear because it is good for DJing. You can connect Beats Solo Pro to your Android and iOS devices. And also with the DJ controller through the audio jack.

It has Apple chip 1 that increases the Bluetooth range of these headphones.

The battery lasts for 22 hours if you listen to music with ANC. However, when ANC is off it lasts for 40 hours. You can quickly fuel these headphones with a USB-A charge. 

I would say don’t buy these headphones for DJing. Because it is more expensive than Beats Solo 3 and its features are almost the same. However, it is more durable than Beats Solo 3.

2. Beats Solo 3 (Best under budget)

best beats earbuds

Beats Solo 3 (Check the latest price at Amazon) is a good beats headphones for DJing. These are on-ear headphones. Earcups are adjustable and earpads are cushion-rich. These things make them comfortable for you.

These headphones will make you a good DJ due to their clear and a little bit of bassy sound. 

Wireless connectivity of these headphones is also a great option if you want to use them as music headphones.

You can use them with any device that doesn’t have Bluetooth with a separate cable. ( which is provided in the purchase of these headphones.)

And also with iOS, DJ controller, and mixers. 

Due to the long battery life, you can use them all day. The battery of these headphones lasts for 40 hours.

The great thing about these headphones is that you can quickly charge them in just five minutes for the next three hours to use. 

With a button given on the left ear cup, you can control volume and other things. Microphones are also in these headphones to make your phone calls and voice assistants easy. 

So, this one pair of headphones can be used for DJing, music listening, and phone calls.

Beats Solo are good beats headphones for DJing. Due to clear sound, some bass, connectivity to any modern mixer, and DJ controller, these are perfect for DJing.

3. Beats EP 

beats ep

Beats EP headphones are on-ear wired headphones. For the making, these headphones stainless steel is used that make them long-lasting headphones.

Along with durability, these headphones are also comfortable to use. You can use them for hours without discomfort. 

For DJing, sound clearance is most important. While Beats EP does not have as much clear a sound as the DJ needs.

That’s why we say they are not good for DJing. Also, don’t have deep bass for drum music.

You can use them for listening to phone calls and music. You can use them with iOS and Android devices. 

Wired connectivity is another good option for you, you don’t need to worry about battery charging. You can directly use them with any music system.

However, as music headphones, wired connectivity can be the downside of these headphones. 

Beats EP is not a good headphones for DJing. Because these headphones only give you wired connectivity and sound is fine for DJing.

What difference between Beats EP and Beats Solo?

The big difference between Beats EP and Beats Solo headphones is connectivity. Beats EP headphones have only a wired connection.

And you cannot connect them to any Bluetooth device. While Beats Solo has a wired and wireless connection. 

Another difference between these headphones is the price difference. Beats EP headphones are cheaper than Beats Solo headphones. 

4. Beats Studio 3

Beats Studio3

These are over-ear headphones and as we know over-ear headphones are most of the time comfortable. 

Like Beats Solo headphones these also have wired and wireless connectivity. Due to that, you can use them with any device DJ controller, or mixer. 

These headphones’ active noise cancellation is helpful for DJing.

The battery life of Beats Studio 3 is up to 22 hours. Which is not good for all-day use. However, quick charging will be helpful for you.

You can charge them for 10 minutes for using them for the next 3 hours.

You can replace the battery if the original goes dead. 

For easy storage and portability, you get a case.

These headphones are just fine for DJing. Due to having less battery life and not having a clear sound quality, these headphones are not good for DJing.

How to choose the best beats headphones for DJing?

Design and comfort, sound quality and look, durability, and portability are the main factors that you should look at before buying any headphones for DJing. 

Design and Comfort:

Headphones should be comfortable for hours because for DJing you have to spend at least five hours. Therefore headphone comfort is important for you.

Headbands and earcups should have foam, velour, or other stuff that gives you comfort. Headphones should give isolation in noisy environments. The headphone adapter should be compatible with DJ controllers and mixers.

Headphones must have a stylish or professional look. This will give you a confident feeling in front of your audience. And also attract the audience’s attention to you.

Sound quality and look:

DJ headphones should have a bigger driver and the minimum should be 40mm. And headphones’ sound should be neutral, and clear, and have a little bit of bass for hip-hop and drum music.

Before buying headphones for DJing you should check that headphones have 20Hz to 20KHz frequency. Also impedance should be 25ohms or greater than this.

Durability and Portability:

Make sure headphones are made with quality material. And foldable points of headphones should be strong. Because most headphones break within some weeks due to their weak joints and hinges.

Headphones should be lightweight because they will not only increase your comfort but also will be easy to carry during traveling.

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If you are going to buy Beats headphones for DJing. I will suggest you buy Beats Solo 3 and Solo Pro (Check at Amazon) headphones. While Beats Studio is just fine not good enough for DJing. And Beats EP is not good enough for DJing.

Please let us know in the comments which headphones you are going to buy for DJing.

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