Powerbeats Pro Connected but No Sound [Fixed]

Powerbeats Pro are great earbuds that have a great sound, design, and build quality.

But it is frustrating when you connect them with your device and after some seconds realize that sound isn’t coming from them. 

Don’t worry about that because this is a really common problem until Powerbeats Pro earbuds aren’t damaged physically. You can fix this problem with simple tricks. 

In this article, you will know why your Powerbeats Pro does not play sound after being connected to the device and how you can fix it.

powerbeats pro connected but no sound

How to Fix Powerbeats Pro Connected but No Sound

Reset Your Powerbeats Pro

Firmware is software in your Powerbeats Pro to keep them up to date.

Sometimes earbuds stop playing due to bugs in the software.

Therefore to fix that you need to reset your Powerbeats Pro earbuds. 

First unpair your Powerbeats Pro from your device and also remove them from the available device list. 

Here is how you can reset your Powerbeats Pro.

  1. To reset place both buds in the charging case and leave the case lid open.
  2. Press and hold the system button on the charging case for 15 seconds.
  3. When the LED on the charging case starts flashing red and white. Release system button.

Now your Powerbeats Pro earbuds are reset.

Pair them with your device and then check whether the sound is coming from them or not.

If this did not work for you try the next solution.

Check the Volume of Powerbeats Pro

Check the volume of your Powerbeats Pro maybe you have turned it down. Due to that, there is no sound after connecting them to the device.

This feels stupid but many people overlook the volume. This has happened to me many times. 

Therefore make sure your Powerbeats Pro earbuds and device are turned on.

And don’t test their sound by listening to live streaming.

Here is how you can check the volume of Powerbeats Pro on different devices and adjust it. 


For Android devices open the menu and tap connecting the setting button.

Select Bluetooth from there and then click on your Powerbeats Pro earbuds.

There check volume if it is turned down, then increase it.


For PC, open the sound setting from the control panel and click on your Powerbeats Pro earbuds. And adjust their volume.

iOS Devices

For iOS devices open the sound setting from the menu and then click Bluetooth. And select your Powerbeats Pro earbuds. 

Enable and Disable Bluetooth

If the above tips do not work then you should try to enable and disable the Bluetooth of your device.

Sometimes doing this solves the sound issue. You should try this at least twice or thrice.

Then connect your Powerbeats Pro with your device.

Hopefully, they will start playing sound. 

Restart Your Device

If your Powerbeats Pro not playing sound after connecting with the device.

Then maybe something is wrong with your device itself rather than the earbuds.

Therefore to fix this you should restart your device. This simple trick will definitely work for you. 

Drain Battery of Powebeats Pro

I have seen many people place their Powerbeats Pro buds outside of the case. Before pairing them with the device.

Or many people keep them separately outside of the case. Due to that buds stop playing sound or sometimes only one.

To fix this issue you have to keep both buds outside of the case for 24 hours to completely drain their battery. After that charge them and connect with your device.

And hopefully, they will start playing sound after connecting with your device. 

Faulty Speaker of Powerbeats Pro

If you have tried all the above tips and none of them works for you.

Then maybe your earbuds speaker is damaged due to water or heat.

Due to that, they are not playing sound.

Fixing this issue is difficult because they are very small and speakers are really difficult to find. 

Final Thoughts

You have tried all tips and nothing works for you. It’s time to contact Beats Customer Support and ask them for advice. They will tell you what you can do to fix this problem.

If your Powerbeats Pro is under warranty then you should replace them with a new one.

Please tell us in the comments if these fixes work for you and if your Powerbeats Pro starts playing sound. And what was wrong with them?

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