Astro A50 Won’t Turn Off [5 Simple Ways to Fix]

If you’re an avid gamer, you might have come across the Astro A50, renowned for its Dolby Atmos capabilities and being touted as the best gaming headset for immersive audio experiences. However, some users have encountered a peculiar issue where their Astro A50 won’t turn off. This can be particularly frustrating, especially when you’ve just finished a gaming session on your Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch and are ready to call it a day.

You can turn off the Astro A50 headset by pressing its Dolby button located on the back of the right earcup. However, sometimes they don’t turn off.

Therefore you should fix this problem because it can damage your Astro A50 headset battery.

Don’t worry we have reached Astro support and found some simple solutions to fix your Astro A50 that won’t turn off. Here is how you can fix it.

Resync it by placing it on the powered base station and waiting for 3 to 5 seconds or until the bolt and battery level stop blinking. And after that try to turn it off by pressing the Dobly button.

However, if this doesn’t fix your headset and the issue persists then read the solutions described below. 

How to Fix Astro A50 Won’t Turn Off

Check Power Button

The first thing to check is the power button. It’s the most obvious culprit, but sometimes the simplest solutions are the most overlooked. You should also check if the button is loose or if there is dirt or water splashes on it. 

In that case, you should clean the power button.

Also if it is loose you should consult a technician who can fix your headset button expertly.

Check base station

If the power button is functioning correctly, the next step is to examine the base station, which not only charges the headset but also acts as a wireless connection point. Ensuring that the headset is properly seated on the base station can sometimes resolve the issue.

For those who have upgraded from previous models or are using the headset across different devices, it’s essential to consider compatibility. The Astro A50 is designed to work seamlessly with devices like the Xbox Series X, offering a competitive edge with its surround sound and spatial audio capabilities. However, if there’s a third-party app involved, such as the Logitech G app, it could interfere with the headset’s functionality.

Reset Your Astro A50

If your Astro A50 headset is not turning off you should reset it.

Because reset will remove all information from its electronics and bring all software to its original state.

After resetting your headset will restore to factory settings and will be refreshed.

Therefore you should reset it and then try to turn it off.

Here is how you can reset your Astro A50 headset.

  1. First plug in the headset directly to a confirmed power source, without the Base Station.
  2. Then to reset Astro A50 simultaneously press and hold Dolby Button (located below the power button) and Game Button for 15 to 30 seconds.

Now your headset is reset and try to turn it off.

If it won’t turn off then charge it for 15 minutes and again reset it.

If your headset won’t reset then you should charge it first and try to reset it.

You should reset your Astro A50 at least thrice and after every reset try to turn it off.

Disconnect Your Astro A50

Another reason why your headset won’t turn off may be due to the programs running in the background.

Maybe it is still connected to your PC or Xbox or any other device and music are still playing on it.

That doesn’t let this headset turn off.

Therefore you should first unplug this headset or disconnect this from all devices and then try to turn it off.

Update Firmware

If after applying the above solutions your Astro A50 headset won’t turn off you should update its firmware.

Because firmware updates improve the functionality of the headset. And also remove different kinds of minor issues in the headset.

Therefore you should check if your headset’s firmware is updated or not.

If not then you should update its firmware to turn it off. 

Here is how you can update its firmware.

  1. First-place headset in the Base Station.
  2. Plug micro USB into the Base Station and plug the other end into your PC.
  3. Switch the Base Station into PC mode.
  4. Download the Astro Command Centre from the Windows store. Or if you are on Mac you can download it from here.
  5. Open Astro Command Centre if a firmware update will be available there will be an option to update it.

After updating firmware try to turn your Astro A50 hopefully it will turn off.


In conclusion, if your Astro A50 won’t turn off, don’t panic. There are several troubleshooting steps you can take, from checking the power button to resetting the device. With a bit of patience and some simple solutions, you can get back to enjoying your audio experiences without any hiccups. Remember, maintaining the battery life and ensuring a stable wireless connection is key to prolonging the life of your headset and maintaining its status as the best gaming headset on the market.


How do I reset my Astro A50?

Here is how you can reset it.

Press and hold simultaneously the Dolby button and the Game button for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds headset will turn off and turn on again. Now your headset has successfully been reset.

However, if your headset is not resetting you should check its battery if the battery is a low charge first. Because any headset will not reset below 50% battery.

How do I force shutdown of my Astro A50?

To force the shutdown of your Astro A50, you can try the following methods:

  1. Press and hold the power button and the mute button for 10 seconds. Then release both buttons. Afterward, plug the headset back into the transmitter and power cycle the transmitter
  2. Another method is to plug in the headset directly to a confirmed power source without the base station, and then simultaneously press and hold the Dolby Button and the Game button to reset the Astro A50

These methods should help you to force the shutdown of your Astro A50 headset.

Why doesn’t my Astro a 50 turn on?

If your headphones fail to turn on, ensure that your base station is receiving sufficient power. Try connecting the base station to an alternative power outlet and then attempt to recharge your headphones.

Is it bad to leave Astro A50 charging?

The A50s feature a base station that serves as both a charging dock and a stand. It’s important to place your headset on the dock when it’s not in use to maintain its battery level. However, be cautious not to overcharge your headset. Continuous charging for prolonged durations can result in overcharging, potentially harming the battery.

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