Troubleshooting JLab Go Air Earbuds: Power On & Off Issues

JLab Go Air earbuds have become a popular choice for their comfortable fit, long battery life, and great sound quality. Usually, you can turn on Jlab Go Air earbuds by pressing the power button for 3 seconds. And turn them off by putting them in the case. However, sometimes due to some issues or bugs, they won’t turn on and off. Many people are facing this issue with their JLAB Go Air earbuds. If you’re facing such problems with your JLab Go Air, here’s a guide with simple solutions to help you troubleshoot and resolve these connectivity issues.

In this article, you will know why your Jlab Go Air is not turning on and off. And how you can fix this issue. Also how you can turn on and off them.

How to Fix Jlab Go Air Won’t Turn On and Off

Properly Charge Jlab Go Air

If you have not used your earbuds for a long time. You need to charge them at least for 30 minutes and then try to turn them on.

Because when you do not use earbuds for a long time their case is fully depleted.

Therefore you should charge your Jlab Go air charging case and earbuds for 30 minutes or more. And they will take some time to turn on.

Also, you should make sure your earbuds case is charging properly.

Begin by examining the charging case. Ensure it’s properly charged by connecting it to a power source using the original charging cable. A faulty or incompatible cable can lead to charging issues. If the case isn’t charging, the earbuds won’t either, as they rely on the case for power.

So, you should inspect the charging cable may be due to its fault charging case is not charged and as a result, your earbuds won’t turn on due to low battery.

Maintain Temperature

Another reason why your JLAB Go air may not be turning on is the temperature issue.

If you have been using them in extremely hot or cold temperatures, they will not turn on.

Because earbuds batteries don’t work properly at extreme temperatures.

Therefore to turn on your earbuds you should maintain their temperature.

Or we can say you should place them in a room for some time until their temperature reaches room temperature.

And then you should try to turn them on.

Hopefully, your earbuds will turn on after this fix.

Reset Your JLab Go Air Earbuds

If charging isn’t the issue, follow the reset instructions provided in the user manual. Typically, this involves holding down the power button or both volume buttons for a specific duration. A reset can often fix minor software glitches that affect the Bluetooth connection.

Check Bluetooth Settings

Sometimes, the problem lies with the Bluetooth settings on your device. Ensure that your JLab Go Air earbuds are selected as the audio output. If they’re not connecting for the first time, refer to the user manual for one-touch pairing instructions.

Update Jlab Go Air Firmware

If the above fixes did not work for your Jlab go air and they won’t turn on.

You should check for firmware updates.

If there is any available then you should update their firmware to the latest version.

Sometimes old firmware versions do not let your earbuds turn on.

Faulty Battery

If your earbuds won’t turn on after trying the above fixes.

Then many chances are their battery is faulty. Earbuds batteries easily damage if you use them in extremely hot weather.

Therefore to turn it on you have to replace their battery.

However, it is a very difficult task to replace really small earbuds.

Instead, you should return them if they are under warranty.

How to Fix Jlab Go Air Won’t Turn Off

Charge Case of Jlab Go Air

Jlab Go Air earbuds automatically turn off when you put them in the charging case.

However, they will not turn off if the charging case battery is dead.

Therefore you should first charge the case and then put your earbuds in the case and they will automatically turn off.

However, if don’t want to charge the case you can also manually turn off each earbud.

To turn them off you have to disconnect them from all paired devices and after 3 minutes they will automatically turn off.

Disconnect Jlab Go Air

If your Jlab go air is not turning off you should properly disconnect them.

Sometimes they are still connected with one device that prevents your earbuds from turning off.

Therefore you should disable Bluetooth on all devices with which you have previously connected your earbuds.

And then try to turn them off. 

Reset Your Jlab Go Air

Another thing that you can try to turn off your earbuds is resetting.

Because resetting removes every minor or software issue in the earbuds.

therefore you should reset your earbuds and then try to turn them off. 

Here is how you can reset your JLAB Go air.

  1. Remove earbuds from your Bluetooth devices.
  2. Place both buds in the charging case.
  3. Quick tap only one earbud 7 times by keeping earbud in the case. Earbuds will flash blue 3 times.
  4. Repeat the same process with another Jlab earbud.
  5. Now take both earbuds out of the case. One earbud will flash solid white and another will flash white and blue.
  6. Now your Jlab Go Air earbuds are reset and ready to connect with any device.

After performing a reset you have to try to turn them off.

If they still won’t turn off you should reset them 2 to 3 times and then try to turn them on.

Contact JLab Customer Support

If you’ve tried the above steps and your earbuds still won’t turn on or off, it’s time to seek further assistance. JLab customer support is available to help troubleshoot the issue, and they can provide repair guides or warranty service if necessary.

Final Thoughts

I hope your Jlab Go Air earbuds turning on and off issue will be fixed with the above tips and tricks.

While it’s inconvenient when your JLab Go Air earbuds won’t turn on or off, these steps can help you identify and fix the problem. Remember, proper care and following the manufacturer’s instructions are crucial for maintaining the sound quality and functionality of your Bluetooth headphones for daily use.

However, if you are still facing the same issue you should replace them. Jlab gives you 2 years warranty.

In that duration, you can return the earbuds if they don’t work properly. On Jlab go air box only a 1-year warranty is mentioned, but on Jlab’s official site, they say you will get 2 year warranty.

Click here to fill out the form and claim the warranty for your Jlab Go Air. On this page, you will get all the necessary information to return your earbuds.

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