Airpods Pro Firmware Not Updating [Fixed]

Airpods Pro firmware update eliminates many software glitches, activates spatial audio and they start working fine after the update.

Usually, when Airpods Pro stop pairing or playing audio we update their firmware.

However, sometimes their firmware won’t update due to some issues.

In that case how you can solve pairing and other issues with Airpods Pro.

Therefore after hours of research, we found some tips and tricks. We hope they will work for your Airpods Pro and their firmware will update.

How to Fix AirPods Pro Firmware Not Updating

Quick Fixes

During the firmware update keep Airpods Pro in the case and keep its lid closed during the process.

Because the lid of the charging case will remain open Airpods Pro firmware will not update.

Charge Airpods Pro for a few minutes and then connect with your iPhone and try to update the firmware.

If your new Airpods Pro firmware not updating, then listen to music for 3 minutes through Airpods Pro and then put it in the case and plugin.

Hopefully, after a few minutes, their firmware will be updated.

Pair Airpods Pro with your device and place them in the case and plugin.

During charging press the Airpods Pro back button for a few minutes.

And after 10 to 12 minutes check their firmware will be updated.

Fully Charge Airpods Pro

If your AirPods Pro firmware is not updating make sure their battery is fully charged. Because they will not work properly at low battery.

Therefore before updating their firmware charge your Airpods Pro at least for 30 minutes.

And also make sure when you plug the charger they start charging because sometimes due to a faulty charger Airpods Pro won’t charge.

As result, their battery remains low and their firmware won’t update. 

Airpods Pro and Phone Distance

Another reason may be due to which your Airpods Pro firmware is not updating may be the distance between iPhone and Airpods Pro.

So, if you will keep Airpods Pro far from iPhone while processing as result their firmware will not update.

Therefore make sure both iPhones or any other device that you are using are close to each other. 

Reset Airpods Pro

If the above tips did not work for your Airpods Pro and their firmware not updating.

Then you should reset them. Because resetting will remove any software bugs or glitches and your Airpods Pro will start working fine. 

Here is how you can reset your Airpod Pro.

  1. Put your AirPods Pro in the charging case and close the case lid. 
  2. Wait for thirty, 30 seconds.
  3. Open the lid of the charging case of Airpods Pro.
  4. Open your iPhone or iPad or iPod, go to settings and to Bluetooth and tap the More Info option and select your AirPods Pro.
  5. Tap there to forget your Airpods Pro and tap again to confirm it.
  6. Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case for 15 seconds (with the case lid open during the process) until the light on the case flashes amber and then white.

Restart or Reset Device

If your AirPods Pro firmware still not updating after resetting them. Then try resetting and restarting your device.

First, you should restart your iPhone or iPad, or iPod. And then connect your Airpods with the device and try to update the firmware.

The second thing you can do is reset your device and then try to update your Airpods Pro firmware.

Try Another Device

If you are trying to update your Airpods Pro firmware through iPhone, try using iPad for updating their firmware.

For many people, this trick has worked their Airpods Pro firmware updated and they are now enjoying spatial audio. 

Final Thoughts

I hope your Airpods Pro firmware will be updated after trying the above tips and tricks.

If still, firmware is not updating then you should contact the Apple store and ask them for advice. They will tell you what you can do to fix this problem.

However, I would suggest if your Airpods Pro are under warranty replace them with the new one.

How to Check AirPods Pro Firmware and Update it?

Here is how you can check and update your Airpods Pro firmware.

  1. Pair your AirPods Pro with iPhone or iPad.
  2. Open the Settings app on your device and go to general and to about.
  3. Scroll down and select your AirPods Pro
  4. Check your Airpods Pro firmware version if it is 4C165 they they are up to date.
  5. If not then update their firmware.

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