How to Make On-Ear Headphones More Comfortable? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Listening to music for hours with headphones on the head is a common practice for music lovers. But to avoid ear fatigue is a dream.

Especially when you are using on-ear headphones which are less comfortable.

Even if you will buy premium headphones you will feel uncomfortable. With good headphones, you can enjoy music for hours but the problem is always ear fatigue

But, do not worry because there are several ways to make headphones comfortable.

In this article, you will know how to make on-ear headphones more comfortable.

Let’s get started with why headphones are uncomfortable because if you will figure out what makes headphones uncomfortable then you will be able to fix it.

Why headphones are uncomfortable?

These are the main reasons that make headphones uncomfortable.

If your headphones are uncomfortable maybe they are too tight for you.

Because the head size of every person is different. If will buy small headphones and your head is big then you will feel uncomfortable.

The Clamping force is the main reason that makes headphones uncomfortable.

The clamping force usually makes music loud by pressing earpads around your ears.

Less cushioning on Headband is another reason why headphones are uncomfortable.

If the headband of your headphone will directly contact your head without any cushioning on it.

Then you will feel uncomfortable and will not be able to wear headphones for 5 minutes.

Less soft Earpads also make headphones uncomfortable.

If drivers of your headphones will press against your ears. Then definitely you will feel uncomfortable.

How to make headphones more comfortable?

  1. Stretch headphones properly
  2. Change the headband or add extra cushioning
  3. Replace earpads
  4. Deepen the earpads
  5. Buy headphones that are comfortable
How to make headphones more comfortable

1. Stretch headphones properly

When you buy new headphones the clamping force between two ear cups is very strong.

Due to clamping force, earpads put pressure on your skull and you feel uncomfortable.

Due to that clamping force headphones fit very tight on your ear and cause ear uncomfortable.

To solve this problem you should stretch your headphones without thinking headphones are new or not.

Follow the below steps to properly stretch your headphones.

Step1: For stretching your headphones you need a sturdy thing. This can be a collection of books, a square box, or any other thing that should be wide and stable enough.

Try to find a sturdy thing that should be a bit wider than your head.

Step2: After that carefully stretch headphones by pulling ear pads away from each other. And put it in a box or whatever thing you find.

Step3: Keep headphones in that position for about 24 hours. Also, it depends on how much the headband is thicker.

The exact time we cannot tell for stretching headphones. It can depend on how strong is clamping force is.

If you think headphones are still pushing against your ears and skull then you should again stretch your headphones.

The clamping force is strong in studio headphones or headphones with steel headbands.

Therefore they will require more time than headphones with a plastic headband.

Possibly your headphones will be comfortable after stretching.

How to stretch headphones

2. Change the headband or add extra cushioning

The headband becomes harsh with time due to that you feel uncomfortable.

Therefore to make headphones more comfortable you should change their headband.

If you don’t want to change the headband you can also make it comfortable by adding extra cushioning.

Adding the extra layer of soft material makes the headband more soft and comfortable.

Therefore to make headphones more comfortable you should also add extra cushioning to the headband or change it.

3. Replace earpads

Headphones and earpads become hard after 2 to 3 years. Or some headphones naturally have uncomfortable earpads.

Therefore replacing earpads can make your headphones more comfortable.

Here is a link to comfortable earpads and headbands. (check at Amazon)

Here is a guide on how you can replace earpads.

From manufacturers:

To ensure the quality of your headphone’s comfort you should replace earpads from the manufacturer’s company.

They made durable earpads that will give you comfort for a long time.

If they do not sell then you should go for a third party.

Find the right size:

Before buying new earpads you should ensure that they will comfortably fit.

And will be compatible with the size of your current one.

Choose good material:

If you will choose earpads that are made with leather, velour, and microfiber. Your headphones will be more comfortable.

Because these materials are durable and softer than other ones.

How to replace earpads

4. Deepen the earpads

Headphones mostly press against your ears and skull due to the clamping force.

You can also reduce clamping force by deepening the earpads or by adding soft material over the earpads.

You have to be careful during adding the material.

Because this can change the sound quality of the headphones.

5. Buy headphones that are comfortable

If after applying the above tips you are feeling that your headphones are still uncomfortable.

Then you should change your headphones and buy new ones that are more comfortable.

You can check the comfort of headphones with their earpads, headband, and weight.

Headphones with soft velour earpads and headbands are more comfortable. And also lightweight headphones are more comfortable.

If over-ear headphones that meet your requirements are available you should buy them rather than buying on-ear headphones.

Are on-ear headphones comfortable?  

Actually, on-ear headphones should be more comfortable than over-ear headphones.

Because on-ear headphones are lightweight and over-ear headphones are bulky.

But the truth is that on-ear headphones are not as comfortable as over-ear headphones.

The reason behind this is On-ear headphones directly press your ears and exert more pressure.

While over-ear headphones earpads rest on your skull and exert less pressure.

Do headphones become more comfortable over time?

Headphones become comfortable over time just like shoes.

With time headphones, headbands and earpads stretch according to your head skull size.

That’s why they become comfortable no matter if they are on-ear or over-ear headphones.