Is Airpods Pro Good for PC Gaming? (Explained!)

As we know Airpods Pro has great sound quality, spatial audio, noise cancellation, and design. They are also considered good for gaming. However, is Airpods Pro good for gaming on the PC or for PC gamers? 

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Depending upon the types of games that you play on your PC. Airpods Pro may or may not be good for PC gaming.

In general, it is good for PC gaming because of its sound quality, noise cancellation, comfort for hours, audio range, and directional sound.

Below we will briefly discuss which one should use Airpods Pro for PC gaming and which not.

Is Airpods Pro Good for PC Gaming?

As you know Airpods Pro is good for gaming.

However, it depends upon your game type or gaming needs whether they will be good for PC gaming or not. 

So, if you play casual games where you don’t need a good microphone for communication and no issue of sound delay.

Then Airpods Pro will be good for you or PC gaming. 

But if you play competitive games where you need a good microphone for communication with friends.

Also you want zero latency then it is not good for PC gaming.

Because their microphone doesn’t work on PC due to absence of drivers in the windows. 

And also the sound will not play properly and it will keep cutting out.

Another issue is Airpods Pro battery drains faster if their microphone is enabled.

So, we can say anyone who only plays games to enjoy them will be good for PC gaming.

However, if you are a true gamer who plays competitive games then Airpods Pro is not good for Pc gaming.

Why Are Airpods Pro Good for PC Gaming?


Comfort is necessary for every gamer for hours of gaming sessions.

With casual gaming headphones, you will begin feeling uncomfortable after 3 to 5 hours.

However, Airpods Pro is comfortable for more than 7 hours. Because they have three different sizes of silicone earbuds.

You can change the ear tips of AirPods Pro according to your ear or ear canal size and put them in your ears for hours of comfort.

That’s why Airpods Pro is comfortable and more stable for PC gaming.


To win a game, focusing on the game is necessary. Most of the time we use noise-canceling headphones to reduce unwanted noise.

But after some time it will hurt your head and ears.

Airpods Pro has an active noise-cancellation feature. Which works really well by reducing half of the environmental noise.

You can use the noise-canceling feature without hurting your ears.

The technology removes the external noise and helps you to focus on the game.

You can easily use their noise-cancellation feature on the PC and win games by focusing on it.

That’s why we can say AirPods Pro is good for PC gaming.

Sound quality

Sound quality is also important for PC gaming. Because you have to remain aware of every activity in the game.

Airpods Pro has great sound quality.

Not only its sound quality is great for music but also gaming audio. The frequency response closely follows what the user wants.

Therefore you will be able to recognize everything in the game.

Also Airpods Pro has surround sound which is a combination of software algorithms.

Due to its spatial sound, you will be able to get an immersive gaming experience while playing games on your PC. 

Why Are Airpods Pro Not Good for Gaming?


If you play competitive games where you will not be able to play games without game audio.

Then for you, it’s not good to use for PC gaming. Windows lacks drivers and latency is too distracting.

So, if you need zero latency then AirPods Pro is not good for you to use for PC gaming.


Airpods Pro has really good microphones. Which performs very well to eliminate the background noise and make calls clear.

However, true gamers need a good microphone to make plans and share things in the game.

Unfortunately, the AirPods Pro microphone doesn’t work on the PC.

Therefore those who need a microphone Airpods Pro are not good to use for PC gaming.

Related Questions

Can you use the AirPods Pro noise-canceling feature on PC?

Yes, you can use the noise-canceling feature of the Airpods Pro on a PC.

Windows 7 and Windows 10 are included.

You can control the noise-canceling feature by squeezing Airpods Pro.

Does AirPods Pro work with Windows 10?

Yes, AirPods Pro like other Bluetooth devices, and AirPods work on Windows 10. You can quickly connect them with Windows 10 via Bluetooth.

And also all features like noise-cancellation and transparency mode will work properly.

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