Beats Studio Buds Don’t Stay In Ear (How to Keep them In)

Beats Studio Buds are great earbuds because of their sound quality and unique design. However, many people are not seriously enjoying their sound quality because they don’t stay in-ears.

Beats studio buds don’t stay in ear is a real problem, because they are expensive if they fall while riding or dancing at a party you can lose them altogether.

Thankfully there are many ways to keep Beats Studio Buds in your ears. 

In this article, you will learn why beats studio buds don’t stay in the ear and how to prevent them from falling out. 

Understanding the Issue

The main concern with the Beats Studio Buds not staying in the ear is the loss of an acoustic seal, which is crucial for maintaining sound quality and the effectiveness of active noise cancellation. Without a proper seal, external noise can seep in, diminishing the listening experience and the benefits of transparency mode. Additionally, a loose fit can lead to the earbuds falling out during physical activities, potentially resulting in loss or damage.

Why do Beats Studio Buds don’t stay in the ear?

Several factors can affect how well the Beats Studio Buds fit in your ears:

  • Ear Canal Shape: Just like fingerprints, everyone’s ear canals are unique. The earbuds may not stay put if they don’t match the shape of your ear canal.
  • Ear Tip Options: Choosing the wrong size from the available ear tip options can prevent the buds from staying in place.
  • Physical Activities: Movements during running or other physical activities can jostle the earbuds loose.
  • Earwax Buildup: Accumulation of earwax on the earbuds or in the ear canal can reduce friction, causing the buds to slip out.

Earwax in your ears protects them from environmental dirt and debris. But when it is hot outside it can accumulate on your studio buds and as a result, they become slippery and don’t stay in your ears.

Therefore you should clean your ears regularly.

Everyone has a unique ear size and design due to which sometimes beat studio buds don’t stay in your ears. The outer part of everyone’s ears is unique like fingerprints that’s why studio buds won’t stay in your ears. 

Another reason why Beats studio buds do not stay in your ears is wrong ear tips. As we talk about every person has a different ear design. Therefore it is necessary to choose the right ear tips according to your ear size and design.

Ear cartilage syndrome normally occurs before birth and lacks cartilage in your earlobe.

As a result, beats studio buds do not stay in your ears when talking or smiling.

Solutions to Keep Beats Studio Buds in Place

If you’re struggling to keep your Beats Studio Buds in your ear, consider the following solutions:

  • Select the Right Ear Tip Size: Experiment with different silicone eartip sizes included with your Beats Studio Buds to find the perfect fit.
  • Clean Your Earbuds and Ears: Regular cleaning can prevent earwax buildup and ensure a better grip.
  • Use Ear Hooks: Accessory ear hooks can provide extra stability and keep the buds secure during vigorous activities.
  • Check for Firmware Updates: Sometimes, issues with touch controls can be resolved with firmware updates available through the Beats app.

Wear them in the correct way

Most wireless earbuds come with some specific instructions on how to wear them properly.

Which includes the exact placement of the ear wings or rotation of the earbuds in your ears.

The same case is with Beats studio buds you should wear them in a way that their nozzle faces the ear canal.

And beats logo “b” should look like “b” not “p or 9” when you put them on your ears.

Also, you should look at the left and right marks on the Beats studio buds. Wear the right one in the right ear and the left one in the left ear in order to securely fit.

In this way, they will securely fit in your ears and will not fall when you run, talk, or smile.

Put ear hooks on Studio Buds

ear hooks

If your Beats studio buds won’t stay in your ears you can put ear hooks on them.

In this way, they will properly fit in your ears and won’t easily fall out from your ears. You can buy ear hooks for 13$ from Amazon (click here to buy).

These ear hooks are only compatible with new Beats studio buds (2021 to new).

By putting ear hooks you can dance, run, and do other activities without worrying about beats studio buds will fall out from your ears.

They will make Beats studio buds to securely fit in your ears. 

Stretch your earlobe

If your ear canal is not big then definitely studio buds will fall from your ears.

However, there is a simple way of fixing this issue.

You should stretch your ear lobe by putting one finger in your ear for a few seconds.

After that when you wear studio buds they will fit securely in your ears and never fall from your ears and also increase music quality.

Wear a sweatband or warmer

You can stop studio buds from falling on your ears by wearing sweatbands in summer and warmer in winter.

This is a cool idea to keep studio buds in your ears because there are no wires to make things awkward.

In this way, you follow the seasonal fashion and also keep your studio buds from falling out.

Choose the right ear tips

To stop Beats studio buds not staying in your ears you should choose the right ear tips that fit properly in your ears.

You should wear soft ear tips rather than silicone tips because silicone tips become slippery when exposed to sweat or earwax.

If none of the three ear tips that come with Beats studio buds fit in your ears.

You should try the third-party ear tips to keep Beats studio buds in your ears.

If you will buy ear tips at some point remember that always go for soft foam ear tips.

Clean earwax

clean earwax from ears so beats studio buds will stay in ear

You should clean your ears at least every week if you are using studio buds regularly.
You should not use a cotton swab instead you should follow the process described below.

Here is a guide on how you can clean earwax.

  1. First, soften your earwax by adding a few drops of baby oil to your ears.
  2. After that irrigate your ear with warm water by adding it through a bulb syringe.
  3. Now tip your head to the side to drain water and wax from your ears.
  4. Clean the outer portion of the ear with a clean cloth.

Maximizing Battery Life and Performance

To ensure the best wireless earbuds performance, it’s essential to maintain the battery life of your Beats Studio Buds. Here are some tips:

  • 5-Minute Fast Fuel Charging: A quick 5-minute charge can provide up to an hour of playback, perfect for when you’re in a hurry.
  • Battery Levels Monitoring: Keep an eye on the battery levels through the latest version of the Beats app to avoid drained Beats Studio Buds.
  • Charging Case Units: Regularly clean the charging case units and the earbuds to ensure full Beats Studio Buds battery discharge and charging efficiency.

Integration with Apple and Android Devices

The Beats Studio Buds are designed to work seamlessly within the apple ecosystem and with android devices. Features like one-touch pairing, Siri hands-free, and Google Fast Pair are tailored for full access to device settings and voice assistant capabilities on both iOS and Android platforms.

  • Apple Devices: With an iCloud account, Apple users can enjoy features like audio switch between different Apple products, including the Apple Watch and Apple AirPods Pro.
  • Android Device: Android users can benefit from Google Play Service integration and fast pair with a Google account, ensuring a smooth experience across all devices.

Final Thoughts

While the Beats Studio Buds offer a range of features like active noise canceling, water resistance, and a custom acoustic platform, ensuring they stay in your ear is crucial for the best results. By addressing the potential issue of fit and taking advantage of the earbuds’ features, users can enjoy a premium audio product without extra cost or the need for additional charges.

In conclusion, the Beats Studio Buds are among the best wireless earbuds available, providing a comfortable fit, impressive battery life, and high-quality sound. With the right care and adjustments, users can overcome the challenge of keeping them securely in their ears, making the most of their investment in this audio product.

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