Beats Studio Buds Case Not Charging? Easy way to fix it!

Experiencing charging issues with your Beats Studio Buds case can be frustrating, especially when you rely on your earbuds for that hour of playback during your daily commute or workout. Whether you’re using an iOS device, an Android device, or any other Apple device, the inability to charge can disrupt your listening experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide to troubleshooting and fixing your Beats Studio Buds case not charging, ensuring you get back to enjoying your unique audio tracks with active noise cancellation.

Don’t be annoyed because you can fix this problem with some simple tricks I will show you. 

You can fix your Beats Studio Buds charging issue by cleaning, resetting, and replacing the charging cable.

In this article, you will know why your buds case is not charging and how you can fix it.

Let’s get started with why the case is not charging.

Why is Beats Studio Buds Case Not Charging?

Here are the reasons that your Beats Studio Buds case is not charging.

  1. Maybe the charging cable is faulty due to that your earbuds case is not charging.
  2. The charging contacts of the case are filled with dirt.
  3. Maybe the battery of your Beats studio buds case is damaged.
  4. Due to some software glitches in the case of your Beats studio buds.
  5. Maybe due to the charging extension, the Beats Studio Buds case is not charging.

Beats Studio Buds Case Not Charging

Faulty Charging Port

Firstly, inspect the charging port of your Beats Studio Buds case. Dirt and debris can accumulate and obstruct the connection, preventing the charging process. Use a toothpick or a dry cotton swab to gently clean the port. Avoid using liquids, as the Beats Studio Buds case is water-resistant but not waterproof, and exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture can damage the built-in battery.

Therefore you should try another charging cable to make sure if the current one is faulty or not.

If the charging cable is faulty then you need to buy a new one to charge the case of Beats studio buds.

If this is not a problem then you should follow the next fixes.

Clean Charging Socket

Other reasons due that your buds case is not charging maybe dirt and moisture.

If you are not cleaning your Beats studio earbuds charging case properly.

Due to this dirt may accumulate on the charging socket of the case.

As a result, the case does not charge.

Therefore you should clean the dirt from the charging socket of the case. To clean you will need a toothbrush and sandpaper.

First, you have to clean the charging socket with sandpaper and then remove all dirt with the toothbrush. And then try to charge it.

Hopefully, it will start charging.

Reset Charging Case

If your buds case is still not charging after cleaning dirt from its socket.

Then try to reset your Beats earbuds case.

A soft reset can often resolve software glitches.

Follow the below steps to reset the case.

  1. Put both studio buds in the charging case and leave the lid open.
  2. Press the system button on the studio buds charging case for 15 seconds. 
  3. When the LED indicator flashes red and white. Then release the button.

Now your Beats studio buds are reset and you should check if the case starts charging or not. 

Power Source and Cable Inspection

Ensure that your power source is reliable. Connect your case to a different USB-C port or wall outlet to rule out any power supply issues. If you’re using a power outlet, check if other devices charge successfully to confirm the outlet’s functionality. Additionally, examine your USB-C cable for any signs of wear or damage. Try using a different charging cable if available, preferably the original cable that came with your Beats Studio Buds.

Firmware Updates

Occasionally, firmware updates are released to improve sound quality and audio playback performance. These updates can also fix known charging issues. Use the Beats app available on the iTunes Store or Google Play Service to check for updates and ensure your earbuds have full access to these improvements.

Dry Your Beats Studio Buds Case

If your case has been exposed to moisture, follow the drying instructions carefully. While the Beats Studio Buds case has a rating of IPX for water resistance, it’s not suitable for non-water sports and can suffer from charging issues as a result of normal wear. Place the case in a dry environment for an extended period before attempting to charge again.

Damaged Battery of the Case

If the buds charging case still not charging. Then chances are the battery of the case is damaged.

If you have placed a case to direct sunlight or heat. Then chances are high that the battery is damaged.

If this is the case then you have to replace the battery of the case.

However, it is a very difficult task and you have to be very careful.

I would suggest you buy a new charging case instead of replacing the battery.

Don’t Use Any Extension

If you are using an extension to increase the length of the charging cable stop using it.

And try to charge the case with the original charging cable.

Sometimes the extension is not compatible with the charging cable. Due to that your Beats Studio Buds case does not charge.

So, if you want to use that then plug it into the wall socket.

Professional Help

If you’ve tried all the DIY repairs and the case still won’t charge, it’s time to seek professional help. Contact Apple Support or visit an authorized service provider. They can diagnose potential hardware problems, such as faulty charging port or built-in controls, and provide effective solutions.

Final Thoughts

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the charging issue with your Beats Studio Buds case. Hopefully, this article will help you to fix the charging issue of the case. Remember, regular maintenance, using the correct charging accessories, and keeping the firmware updated are key to ensuring your Beats earbuds and case remain in top condition, providing you with hours of battery life and a premium listening experience.

If none of the above fixes worked out, then it’s time to contact Beats customer support. Also, you can go to their official store and tell them about the issue.

They know very well how to fix it. Or you should replace the Beats Studio Buds charging case if their warranty hasn’t expired.

Please let us know in the comment what issue you are facing. And if this is fixed by our tricks?


Can you charge a case without Beats Studio Buds?

Yes, you can charge the case of Beats Studio Buds without putting buds in the case.

How to know when the Beats Studio Buds case is fully charged?

When the LED indicator on the case starts flashing white it means your Beats Studio Buds case is fully charged.

How do I reset my Beats charging case?

If you encounter sound, Bluetooth, or charging problems with your earphones, performing a reset may help. Simply place both earbuds in the charging case with the case left open. Then, press and hold the system button on the case for about 15 seconds or until you see the LED indicator flashing red and white.

Why is my Beats earbuds case not lighting up?

If you notice that the lights are not coming on, it could be a sign of a drained battery. To troubleshoot, attempt to reset the case. You can do this by pressing and holding the pairing button (if your case has one) or by taking out the earbuds and then putting them back into the case while it’s charging.

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