Lost Bose Earbuds Charging Case (What You Can Do)

The charging case is the only way to charge your Bose earbuds. However, if you have lost your Bose earbuds charging case. You might be wondering what you can do now.

So, in this article, you will learn whether you can charge your Bose earbuds without a charging case.

If not, what can you do to find a lost charging case, or how can you now charge your Bose earbuds?

Can You Charge Your Bose Earbuds Without Case?

You cannot charge your Bose earbuds without a charging case. Because these earbuds are designed in a way, that they can only charge within their original charging case.

Every earbuds brand has a specific making of their earbuds charging poles and charging case pins.

Also, you cannot charge your Bose earbuds with other brands earbuds charging cases.

Therefore you should be careful while storing or using your Bose earbuds. 

What to Do If You Have Lost Your Charging Case?

If you have lost your Bose earbuds charging case, then your earbuds are useless now.

Because Bose earbuds charging cases are not available separately. Also, you cannot charge them with any other charging case.

I tried my best to find Bose earbuds charging case on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Bose’s official website. I have only found a Bose Soundsport charging case on eBay, but I am not sure it will work with your Soundsport earbuds.

Besides that, I could not find any of Bose earbuds charging case replacements even from the official site.

So, if you want to use your Bose earbuds, you need to buy the same model of new earbuds; in this way, you will have two pairs of earbuds, and you can charge the old ones with the new earbuds charging case.

This way, you will get more battery life as one pair of earbuds will last for 6 hours and two for 12 hours. So, you can now enjoy it for more time than usual.

Another way is you can buy another brand of cheap earbuds such as Jabra Elite 65t.

Can You Find Lost Bose Earbuds Charging Case?

It is not possible to find your earbuds charging case. Because even if you will, the Bose Find My Headphones; charging case doesn’t have any feature that can give you its specific location.

Finding headphones is easy because you can get their specific location, but the charging case doesn’t have a chip; therefore, it is impossible to find.

Therefore always take care of your earbuds charging case, and don’t forget to take them after tea or coffee.

Contact Bose

The last thing you can try is contacting Bose customer support and telling them you have lost your earbuds charging.

Maybe they can give you a new charging case.

However, it is not possible to find it although you should try. Also, you can ask them for a return if your earbuds are under warranty.

Ultimately, I would say Bose should manufacture charging case replacements because many people lost their cases and their earbuds are useless now.

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