Lost One Galaxy Bud (What You Can Do)

If you have lost your one galaxy bud and wondering what you can do now. 

You are in the right place here; you will learn about can you find them. If yes, then how can you do that? 

Also, what can you do with the one earbud if you fail to find your lost earbuds?

Let’s get started!

Can You Find Lost Galaxy Bud?

Yes, it is possible to find a lost galaxy, bud. You can find your bud with Samsung find my device feature. You need to connect your galaxy buds with your phone and the galaxy wearable app to find it.

Also, your galaxy buds should have enough battery to ring. You can find galaxy buds live, galaxy buds pro, galaxy buds plus, and galaxy buds 2; one lost bud with the find my device feature.

How to Find Lost Galaxy Bud?

If you have lost your one, bud, you don’t need to buy a new one. 

Because you can find them with the galaxy wearable app, you can only find your lost bud if it has some battery and is within the 30 feet Bluetooth range.

Here is how you can find your lost galaxy bud and galaxy bud plus.

  1. On your mobile phone or tablet, open the galaxy wearable app.
  2. Then tap find my earbuds and tap start. (Don’t wear one bud that you have)
  3. Your earbuds will start beeping, gradually getting louder for 3 minutes.
  4. You should look around for 3 minutes while the bud is beeping to find it.
  5. To end research, tap stop.

Here is how you can find your lost galaxy buds live, buds pro, and buds 2.

  1. On your mobile phone or tablet, open the galaxy wearable app.
  2. Then tap find my earbuds; the smart thing finds feature will open.
  3. You will see the most recently recorded location of your earbuds.
  4. To make it easier, a tap ring and earbuds will start beeping.
  5. Look around and try to find your lost bud.

Can You Replace Lost Galaxy Bud?

To find out if you can get a replacement for your lost galaxy bud, I have researched different gadgets selling sites. Here what if I found you cannot get one bud from the galaxy official store because they don’t sell them separately.

Also, these are not available on Amazon. However, you can get right or left galaxy buds plus from eBay. It is not brand new; mostly, it is used for testing purposes.

So, you can buy it from eBay and connect it with your existing bud.

How to Connect New Galaxy Buds with the Old One?

You can connect the newly replaced galaxy bud with the old one by following the below steps.

  1. Check the directions of both buds and insert them into the charging slots of the case.
  2. Touch and hold both bud’s touch sensors for more than 7 seconds. The charging case LED indicator will flash green and return to the initial light. 
  3. Now your both buds are connected to each other, and you can connect them with compatible devices.

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