Beats Studio Buds Not Loud Enough [Reasons & Solutions]

Beats Studio Buds are high-quality earbuds for professional athletes and musicians to enjoy excellent sound quality.

So it’s necessary for you to hear the music clearly even in noisy places.

However many people are reporting that Beats Studio Buds are not loud enough even at a higher volume. Do you feel disappointed about the low volume? Don’t be annoyed.

Because in this article you will know why your Beats Studio Buds are not loud enough. And how you can make them loud enough.

Why are Beats Studio Buds Not Loud Enough?

  • The volume of the earbuds is turned down too low
  • The volume of the device is turned down too low
  • Beats Studio Buds have connectivity problems
  • Maybe your Beats Studio Buds speakers are filled with dirt.
  • The music or video file is broken
  • Your ear canals are very small

How to Make Beats Studio Buds Loud Enough

Here’s some quick guidance for you to make your Beats Studio Buds louder.

Check the Volume of Your Device

One of the main reasons why your Beats Studio Buds are not loud enough is maybe you have not turned the volume of your device up.

Also, different devices have different levels of volume due to which your earbud’s sound may become low.

Sometimes we easily forget to turn the volume up and consider that our earbuds have some issue.

Therefore you should turn the volume up on your device.

Follow the instructions below to check or increase the sound of your device.


First, you have to go to settings and tap the sound button. Then you have to select the volume button.

And now you can check your device volume if it is turned down then you have to turn the volume up.


Go to the settings of your device and press the music button. Then press the eq button and turn the volume up.

Windows 10

In Windows 10 you have to go to the menu and type sound in the search bar.

And then check the volume or turn the volume up so that you can hear the music clearly.

Windows 7

On the lower right corner of the screen, there is a sound button.

You have to tap the sound button and increase the volume of your PC.

Check the Volume of Your Beats Studio Buds

This problem is similar to the above, in this, you have to check the volume of your Beats Studio Buds.

This looks like a stupid thing, but many times that happens.

If you have accidentally turned down the volume of your Beats Studio Buds too low, then you will hear nothing.

Therefore you have to increase the sound of your Beats Studio Buds by rotating the knob.

Beats Studio Buds Connectivity Problems

Another main reason due that your Beats Studio Buds are not loud enough. Maybe there is a connection issue between your earbuds and your device.

Due to this, their sound is not loud enough. To solve this issue you should reconnect your earbuds with the device.

And check if the issue is resolved.

If still, your earbuds are not loud enough. Then you should reboot your device.

Another thing you can do is try your earbuds with another device.

In this way, you can make sure whether it’s your device’s issue or earbuds.

Clean Your Beats Studio Buds

This is the most common issue that makes your earbuds sound very low.

Due to the regular use of Beats studio buds, their speakers may be filled with dirt and earwax.

Therefore you should clean them with a toothbrush.

To clean you should gently move the brush into the holes of the speakers.

Broken Music or Video File

Some music or video files can be corrupted while downloading.

This can cause the sound quality of your Beats studio buds to drop.

Therefore first you should try another music file to make sure whether the music file is corrupted.

If so then you should download that music from a different device or website.

Final Thoughts

We have told you the best possible solutions for your Beats Studio Buds that are not loud enough.

Hopefully, one of these tricks may work for you and your Beats Studio Buds become loud enough. 

If still, they have not become loud then I would suggest you should contact Beats support. Or replace them if they are under warranty.

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