Beats Studio Buds Not Charging [Solved]

One of the main reasons people fell in love with Beats Studio Buds is that these earbuds are great at producing sound and have a stylish design. That said, Beats Studio Buds is an excellent pair of earbuds. 

But it has some charging issues right now. If your Beats Studio buds aren’t charging, don’t fret yet.

Because we researched every possible solution to solve the charging problem of Beats Studio Buds. Hopefully, one of these tricks works for you, and your Beats earbuds start charging. 

Follow the methods below to fix the charging problem of your Beats Studio Buds.

How do I know Beats Studio Buds are Charging?

When you plug the USB cable into the charging case, if LED flashes red, it means Beats Studio Buds are charging. 

If not, then maybe something is wrong with them and they are not charging. 

Solutions to Fix Beats Studio Buds Not Charging

Reset Your Beats Studio Buds

If your Beats Studio Buds are not charging. You should reset them. Because resetting will remove any kind of software glitches. 

So, follow the below steps to reset Beats Studio Buds.

  1. Place both your earbuds in the charging case and keep it open.
  2. Hold the system button on the charging case for 15 seconds or until the led light flashes red and white.
  3. Release the system button of the charging case.

Now your Beats Studio Buds are reset. First, pair earbuds with your phone and then put them in a charging case to charge them. 

If they still don’t charge, then try the next trick.

Clean Pins of Charging Case

Another thing is you have to check the dirt on the pins. If you are using them every day and not cleaning them properly. Then definitely, there will be dirt on the pins. 

Due to the dirt, the connection between the buds and the charging case will be poor. And in a result, your earbuds will not charge. 

Therefore you should gently clean the pins of the charging case with the toothbrush.

Clean Earbuds Charging Contacts

Next, you must clean the charging poles of the buds. Every bud has three charging poles connecting with the charging case’s pins, and earbuds begin charging. 

Therefore you should clean these poles as well because, with time, they are filled with dirt and earwax. 

You can gently scrub with the help of a toothbrush, and after finishing, you should put your Beats studio buds in the charging case and see if they are charging.

beats studio buds not charging

Check Pins of Charging Case

The charging case of Beats Studio Buds has three pins. You should check these pins to see if they are damaged or not.

The next thing you should check is the length of these pins. 

If their height is the same, then they are fine. If not, we can say your earbuds are not charging due to this.

If this is the case, then you should pull pins to set the length of three pins.

Properly Place in Charging Case

Sometimes Buds don’t charge because they are incorrectly placed in the charging case. 

To charge them, you should ensure their charging poles are connected to the pins of the charging case. Make sure the ear tips are correctly fitted into the buds. 

Sometimes, ear tips won’t let earbuds properly be placed in the charging case. 

Moreover, you should close the lid of the charging case after putting earbuds in it.

Update Firmware

Another best solution for fixing Beasts Studio Bud’s charging problem is updating their firmware.

In some rare cases, due to the outdated firmware, Buds don’t charge. So, to fix them, you should update their firmware.

If you have paired your Beats Studio Buds with Apple devices. 

Then you don’t need to update the firmware because they will automatically update for you. 

However, if you are using your Beats Studio Buds with Android devices. Then you must download the Beats app (here is more info on how you can use this app) and update the firmware. 

If you want to know more about firmware updates, watch the video below.

Try Other Earbuds Charging Case.

You should try other earbuds charging cases to see if your Buds are charging in that charging case. 

If they are getting charged in the other charging case, then we can say your earbuds charging is not working. 

In this case, you have to fix your Beats Studio Buds charging case.

Charge Earbuds For a Few Hours

After applying all the above tricks, your Beats studio buds are not charging. Then the last thing that you should try is to charge them for a few hours.
Because sometimes we forget to turn off our earbuds. Due to this, their battery drain. 

And it does not charge early, within 10 to 15 minutes. 

Therefore due to the low battery LED indicator not flashing and you becoming worried, my Beats Studio Buds are not charging.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have given you all possible solutions to fix your Buds that are not charging.

We tried to provide you with the best solutions. Hopefully, one of these tricks will work for you, and your Beats studio buds will begin charging.

But if your earbuds are not charging after applying these tricks. Then you should contact Beats customer support or replace them.

Related Questions

Can Beats Studio Buds charge wirelessly?

You cannot charge Beats Studio Buds and their case wirelessly. There is no reliable way to charge them wirelessly.

How long does it take to charge Beats Studio Buds?

Beats Studio Buds will take an hour and a half to charge from a dead battery. And it will take two and a half hours to charge its case from a dead battery.

How to charge Beats Studio Buds?

Here is a complete guide on charging your Beats Studio Buds.

  1. To charge Beats Studio Buds, place both buds in the case.
  2. Connect the charging case to the power source with USB-C that is included in your Studio Buds.

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