Enacfire E90 Earbuds One Side Not Working [Fixed]

It is really frustrating when one of the buds of Enacfire E90 Earbuds One Side Not Working. You can only enjoy music when both buds work together properly.

No doubt Enacfire E90 earbuds are good earbuds. However, many people are saying that their Enacfire E90 earbuds on one side (left or right) not working.

You don’t need to worry about this issue because it really common problem with wireless earbuds.

Even premium brands of earbuds such as JBL, Sony, and Bose earbuds stop working.

So, it is not a big problem but frustrating. 

Therefore in this post, you will know how to fix your Enacfire E90 earbud which one side is not working. Let’s get started!

How to Fix Enacfire E90 Earbuds One Side Not Working

Enacfire E90 single earbud mode

There is a single-bud mode in Enacfire E90 earbuds. Single earbud mode means only one earbud will play music.

However, sometimes these earbuds are stuck in single bud mode due to you say their one bud stops working.

Actually, they are stuck in one bud mode.

Therefore you should know how to get them out of that mode.

Here is what you should do when they are stuck in that mode.

  1. Turn off the Bluetooth of your device and remove earbuds from the pairing list.
  2. Turn off both buds by pressing the touch sensor for 8 seconds or until the power is off.
  3. Put them in the charging case.
  4. Take both buds out of the case.
  5. Turn it on by pressing the sensor for 8 seconds.
  6. Repair with any Bluetooth device.

After that one Enacfire E90 earbud that was not working will work properly. 

Maybe the setup has been run incorrectly

When you buy earbuds for the first time you are not sure how to connect them with the device or together.

Maybe you have used many earbuds before but different brands of earbuds have different connectivity.

Therefore let’s review the steps on how to pair Enacfire E90 with your device.

How to connect them with Bluetooth devices.

  1. First, open the lid of the charging case, earbuds will automatically enter into pairing mode and indicator lights on the buds will fash white and blue.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth of the device with which you want to connect.
  3. Refresh the Bluetooth list of your device.
  4. Select your Enacfire E90 earbuds and the indicator lights on the buds will turn off after successfully pairing.

Reset your Enacfire E90

Sometimes software bugs in Enacfire E90 earbuds stop one earbud from working.

Therefore a reset can remove that kind of software bug or issue.

Therefore you should reset your Enacfire E90 earbuds with the following steps.

  1. Place both Enacfire E90 earbuds in the charging case.
  2. Take both buds out of the case.
  3. Press and hold the power button of each earbud until the LED indicator on the buds starts flashing.

Now your earbuds are reset you should remove them from the charging case and re-pair them with your Bluetooth device.

And definitely, the one bud that was not working will start working properly. 

Reconnect Enacfire E90 to the device

If neither of the above tricks worked for you and still one bud of Enacfire E90 not working.

You should reconnect your Enacfire E90 with your Bluetooth device.

Before reconnecting them you should remove all paired device lists from your Bluetooth device.

And then go to Bluetooth of your device first disable and then enable and pair your earbuds.

After that, your Enacfire E90 one earbud that is not working should start working.

Check Battery 

Maybe your Enacfire E90 one earbud is not working due to a low battery.

Sometimes due to dirt or debris in the case or on the earbuds charging points, earbuds stop charging, and as a result, they won’t work.

Therefore you should check for dirt on your earbuds and charging case.

Also you should clean the Enacfire E90 earbud that is not working and the case pins.

After that charge, both buds pair them with your device, and check whether one bud that is not working starts working or not.

If not working then move on to the next tip.

Actual damage to Enacfire E90

As you know Enacfire E90 earbuds are made of electronics and small electronics can be damaged easily.

If you have dropped these earbuds on the hard floor, charge them without drying and use them in extremely hot or cold weather.

Then definitely actual damage occurred to your Enacfire E90 earbuds.

Therefore it is really difficult to fix such a small earbud with little sockets.

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