JBL Reflect Flow Earbuds Not Charging [5 Ways To Fix]

JBL Reflect Flow earbuds are excellent to use during running, cycling, and other outdoor activities. However, there are a lot of people in online forums with the subject of JBL Reflect Flow earbuds not charging.

This is not really a giant issue if your Jbl Reflect Flow is not physically damaged. Here is how you can fix it.

If your JBL Reflect Flow earbuds are not charging pulled off their plastic grip that keeps their hold in your ears. Because sometimes these grips do not let earbuds sit properly in the charging case and as result, they stop charging.

However, if this trick does not work for you and the issue persists. Then read on below we have described some fixes that we found after contacting JBL live chat support.

How do you know if my JBL reflect flow is charging?

Here is how you can know if your Jbl reflect flow is charging or not.

When you put your Jbl reflect flow earbuds in the charging case. If the LED indicators on the earbud flash red it means they start charging.

However, if LED indicators of the earbuds don’t flash red it means they are not charging.

How to Fix Jbl Reflect Flow Not Charging

Reset your Jbl Reflect Flow

If your Jbl Reflcec Flow earbuds are not charging you should reset them.

Because it will remove any kind of minor issues and refresh your earbuds.

Here is how you can reset your Jbl Reflect Flow earbuds.

  1. Take both reflect flow earbuds out of the case.
  2. Turn both earbuds off by pressing the power button for 5 to 8 seconds.
  3. Press the left earbuds power button for 2 seconds and turn it on. And tap thrice on it.
  4. Also, turn on the right earbuds and tap the power button 3 times in quick succession.
  5. Both earbuds LED lights will blink blue and red which means they are reset.

After that place them in the case hopefully they will start charging.

Clean Reflect Flow buds and case

This is common for Jbl Reflect Flow to stop charging. Because the charging contacts of these buds and their charging case pins are made of metal.

These metal pins and charging contacts can easily stop working due to dirt, sweat, or earwax.

Therefore you should clean your Jbl Reflect Flow earbuds.

Make sure to clean every charging contact point on earbuds and pins of the charging case then try to charge them.

Cleaning earbuds regularly is really important if you want to avoid charging problems or avoid charging speed issue.

These are things that you need to clean your Jbl reflect flow earbuds.

Cotton Cloth or Makeup Swab

Cotton Swab

Rubbing Alcohol

Pencil with Eraser

Here is how you should clean them.

Pour some alcohol on the cotton or makeup swab and clean the charging points or terminals of Jbl reflect flow.

After that use a cotton cloth to remove dust and cotton swab if left on the earbuds. 

After cleaning earbuds terminals clean case pins by pouring some alcohol on the cotton swab.

Make sure to use a little bit of alcohol and the inside of the case should be dry.

When finished cleaning place the case and earbuds in the air to dry. 

Also, clean pins and earbuds with a pencil and eraser of the pencil because graphite and rubber can re-establish charging. 

After that put your earbuds in the case and check whether they start charging or not.

Turn off Bluetooth

Another reason why you feel your Jbl reflect flow earbuds are not charging.

It is the earbuds do not turn off even in the case.

And they keep searching the device for connection.

Therefore their battery continuously goes down and when you see they are at the same battery level even in the charging case.

Therefore to avoid this issue you should reset them.

And also turn off your device’s Bluetooth if you are not using it.

Check Pins

There are three pins in the charging case of Jbl reflect flow earbuds.

You should check if these pins are pushed inside or if one of them is longer in length.

If so then you need to fix the length of the pins.

Pins that are not the same in length bring back them to their original shape.

After that charge your earbuds they will start charging.


If neither of the above fixes works for you then the only way to fix Jbl reflect flow charging issue is to return them.

I have contacted Jbl live support they said if you have applied all tricks that you have read above. Then you should return them.

You can return them by filling return form or by contacting live chat they will ask for proof of the purchase or the earbuds’ serial number.

And you will get new pair of Jbl reflect flow. Also, you can only get the same model not any other.

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Does JBL reflect flow have wireless charging?

You cannot charge Jbl reflect flow earbuds wirelessly. The only way to charge them is by putting them in the charging case.

How long does JBL reflect flow take to charge?

Jbl reflect flow earbuds take two hours to completely charge from the dead battery.

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