Bose Sleepbuds Not Charging [5 Ways to Fix]

In the bustling world of online technology, where social media buzz and data analytics dominate our daily lives, the Bose Sleepbuds II emerged as a beacon of restful innovation. Promising the first good night’s rest with their noise-masking capabilities, these wireless earbuds quickly became a coveted piece of hardware for the weary side sleeper and the bustling city dweller alike. However, amidst the glowing customer reviews and extensive research, a recurring theme has surfaced: charging issues. Therefore after some research, I found simple ways to fix Bose Sleepbuds that are not charging. Here is how to fix it.

If your Bose Sleepbuds are not charging take both buds out of the case for 10 seconds. And then put them back in the charging case. Place them properly in the case and make sure the charging case lid is closed.

However, if this fix doesn’t work then read on the other ways to fix the charging problem of your Bose Sleepbuds.

Let’s get started.

Understanding the Charging Mechanism

The Bose Sleepbuds II come with a charging case that houses the earbuds. The battery life of these wireless earbuds can last up to ten hours, providing users with uninterrupted sleep. However, if you notice the battery charge level drains quickly or the earbuds are not charging, several factors could be at play.

How to Fix Bose Sleepbuds Not Charging

  1. Battery Level of the Case: Ensure the charging case itself has enough battery. If the case’s battery level is low, it won’t be able to charge the earbuds.
  2. Different USB Cable: Sometimes, the first cable you use might be defective. Try using a different USB cable to see if the problem persists.
  3. USB Charger: Verify that your USB charger has a higher current rating compatible with the charging case. A charger with insufficient power might charge the earbuds at a slower rate or not at all.
  4. Firmware Updates: Check for firmware updates through the Bose Sleep app. These updates can fix minor issues related to battery life and charging.
  5. Locally-stored Product Settings: Resetting the locally-stored product settings on your mobile device might resolve connection issues affecting the charging process.

Technical Support and Refunds

If troubleshooting does not resolve the issue, consider contacting Bose’s customer service. General Manager John Roselli emphasizes Bose’s commitment to customer satisfaction, and a full refund is available if the product continues to malfunction. Be sure to check the seller’s handling time and seller’s listing for return policies.

Advanced Troubleshooting

For more complex issues, extensive research might be needed. For instance, a CSS error on the Bose app or website might prevent proper configuration. Here are some advanced steps:

  1. Connection Help: Ensure the Bluetooth connection between your device and the earbuds is stable. Bluetooth Low Energy can sometimes cause connectivity issues.
  2. Higher Current Rating Chargers: Using chargers with a higher current rating might reduce charge times and ensure the earbuds receive enough power.
  3. Firmware and Bose Sleep App: Regularly updating the Bose Sleep app and firmware can improve performance and resolve charging issues.

Customer Experience and Reviews

Customer reviews often mention minor issues like slower charge times or cosmetic wear. However, Bose’s commitment to quality means that even with these minor setbacks, users usually find the Sleepbuds to be an invaluable piece of hardware for better sleep.

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How long does Bose Sleepbuds take to charge?

Bose Sleepbuds will take 6 hours to completely charge from zero or dead battery. 

Charge them for 6 hours until their case lights glow solid. 

Can Bose Sleepbuds charge wirelessly?

Yes, you can charge Bose Sleepbuds wirelessly with their Bluetooth charging case.

Conclusion for Bose Sleepbuds Not Charging

While the Bose Sleepbuds II are designed with good intentions and provide excellent noise cancellation, charging issues can occur. By following the troubleshooting steps above, using different USB cables, ensuring proper firmware updates, and contacting Bose for support, you can resolve most problems and enjoy the benefits of your Bose Sleepbuds.

For more information on Bose products, including the latest updates and detailed troubleshooting guides, visit the Bose website or contact their support team.

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