Do JBL Headphones Work with PS4? (How to connect with PS4)

If you want to play games on PS4, then you definitely need a pair of headphones for listening to game audio and talking with playmates.

That’s why many people want to know Do JBL headphones do they work with PS4.

JBL gaming headphones work with PS4. However, JBL regular headphones don’t work with PS4. Wired JBL gaming headphones directly work with PS4 and wireless require an audio jack to work with PS4. JBL regular headphones can also work with PS4 but in a different way.

Which Headphones work with PS4?

do jbl headphones work with ps4

These are JBL gaming headphones that work with PS4. Some have wired connections and work directly with PS4. Some have wireless connections and work with PS4 via a 3.5mm audio jack.

  1. JBL Quantum One
  2. JBL Quantum 100
  3. JBL Quantum 200
  4. JBL Quantum 300
  5. JBL Quantum 350
  6. JBL Quantum 400
  7. JBL Quantum 600
  8. JBL Quantum 800

How to Connect Wired JBL Headphones to Ps4?

Most headphones that have an audio jack can work with PS4. However, noncompatible JBL headphones can also work with PS4 with the help of a converter. 

  1. First, turn your PS4 on and navigate to settings.
  2. Scroll down and then select devices.
  3. From devices, you have to select audio devices.
  4. Plug your JBL headphones into the PS4 controller.
  5. Then from the audio devices tab select output devices and then select your headphones.

For proper audio in headphones, you should do some settings. Go to the audio devices page and select adjust microphone level.

There you can adjust the audio level by scrolling accordingly. 

How to Connect Wireless JBL Headphones to PS4?

There are different ways to connect wireless JBL headphones to PS4.

However, we have explained a very simple way to connect your wireless JBL headphones to PS4.

Before connection make sure your headphones are fully charged, if not then first charge your headphones with the USB cable.

  1. First, plug your headphone’s USB adapter into the USB port of the PS4.
  2. Then turn on your headphones and put them in pairing mode to be discoverable. A blue light will start flashing when it becomes solid blue, which means your headphones are successfully connected to PS4. 

If your headphones are still not connected then do these steps.

  1. Navigate to the setting of the PS4.
  2. Scroll down and select devices and from there select Bluetooth devices.
  3. Look at PS4 searches for nearby Bluetooth devices and select your JBL headphones. Wait for some moments to get paired.

How to connect regular JBL headphones to PS4?

To make non-compatible JBL headphones compatible with PS4 you will need Bluetooth Dongle.

And then you have to apply these steps.

  1. First, plug your Bluetooth Dongle into PS4 and then wait for a moment to enter pairing mode.
  2. Turn on your JBL headphones and put them into pairing mode. When blue light turns into solid blue, it means your headphones are successfully connected.
  3. For enjoying audio through headphones insert your microphone into 3.5mm ports.

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