Do Turtle Beach Headphones Work on PS4?(How to Connect)

Turtle Beach gaming headphones are known for their good quality. That’s why many people are searching do turtle beach headphones work on PS4?

In this article, you will know are turtle beach headphones compatible with PS4?

Which turtle beach headphones are compatible and how to connect them with PS4.

Do Turtle Beach Headphones Work on PS4?

Most Turtle Beach headphones work with PS4. In which wired and wireless ones are also included. It means you can use them for gaming on PS4. However, some Turtle Beach headphones are not compatible with PS4.

Which Turtle Beach Headphones Work on PS4?

Do Turtle Beach Headphones Work on PS4

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2+

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2+ has a 50mm driver that makes its sound very clear.

To use this headphone on PS4 you will need an optical connection from either TV or receiver to an optical converter.

The microphone is of good quality which helps you to hear everything in-game.

You can also adjust your voice by hearing in the microphone.

Turtle Beach Recon 60P

You can connect these headphones with the 3.5-millimeter jack to your PS4.

It has a 40mm large speaker that delivers great audio. Like Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2+ you can also hear your own voice when it is connected to PS4.

It has simple controls that make it easy for you to control.

Turtle Beach Recon 50P

It is a lightweight and comfortable gaming headset. It will work on PS4 through a 3.5mm jack.

Audio quality is also good and helps to track everything in the game. 

Turtle Beach Recon 200 (G1 and G2)

It is specially built for surround sound and 3D video games. You can enjoy games with premium sound quality.

You can connect with PS4 through the wire. Because it has only wired connectivity. The battery life of this headset is good that is 12 hours. 

However, Turtle Beach Recon 200 G1 does not have memory foam on the headband and earcups.

While G2 is lightweight has memory foam on earcups and headbands.

It means the G2 headset is more comfortable than the G1.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Elite 800

It works on PS4 through a 3.5mm jack. It has active noise canceling that helps you to focus on your game. 7.1 surround sound gives you the immersive feel of your favorite games.

For clear chat with your playmates, it has a microphone.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500P

You can connect this headset to PS4 without an optical jack. However, for the new slimmer PS4 this feature is not available.

It has 15 hours of battery life with a quick charging feature.

You can enjoy surround sound and EQ with this headset. 

How to Connect Turtle Beach Headset to PS4?

Before you configure the setting make sure your PS4 is updated and the headset is correctly connected to PS4.

And then follow these steps.

  1. First, go to settings and from there navigate to the Devices tab
  2. Select the audio devices tab
  3. Then go to input and output devices 
  4. From that tab select your turtle beach headset
  5. Set volume from headset to maximum and enjoy gaming on PS4

For your specific turtle beach headset model connection to PS4 click here.

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