Best Bluetooth Headset for Swimming 2024

Swimming is a great way to stay in shape, but it can be a bit monotonous without some music. Fortunately, Bluetooth headsets have come a long way in recent years and there are now several great options for swimmers. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best Bluetooth headset for swimming.

Best Bluetooth Headset for Swimming

1. H2O Audio Sonar IPX8

H2O Audio Sonar IPX8 - Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones with MP3 Player - Wireless, Open Ear Waterproof Headset for Swimming, Underwater Activities, Sports, Workouts

The H2O Audio Sonar IPX8 is a waterproof Bluetooth headphone designed for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. I tried these headphones, I must say that I am thoroughly impressed by their performance and quality.


The H2O Audio Sonar IPX8 is an excellent option for swimmers who wear earplugs and want to listen to music. Wearing earplugs enhances the sound quality when using bone-conduction headphones, making them an ideal choice. The H2O Audio Sonars have 8GB of storage for MP3 and M4A music, which can be easily transferred through drag-and-drop on a computer. The headphones can also stream music through Bluetooth, but this requires a smartwatch, as the range of the headphones in water is only about 4ft. The Sonar can be completely submerged up to a depth of 12ft, and on a full charge, it can last for 6-7 hours. The headphones have raised buttons on the side for easy volume and song selection, and they can be conveniently attached to the head strap of your swimming goggles.

2. Swimbuds Sport Premium

Swimbuds 100% Waterproof Sport Premium Headphones for Swimming with Music | Short Cord + Low Drag Design | 11 Unique Eartips for Watertight Fit

The Swimbuds are an excellent choice for swimming, because of their versatility and fit. They offer various shapes to cater to different ear sizes and shapes. It includes tree-shaped, round, and fin-tipped headphones that help secure the plug in your ears while you swim, preventing them from getting jostled around. With the variety of headphone shapes available, you will find one that fits your unique ear hole. The primary challenge with underwater music players is keeping the earphones in place while swimming. A poor earbud fit makes it easy for water to get in and muffle the sound. However, once you get a good fit with your ear canal, the Swimbuds do an excellent job of piping in your favorite tunes while you swim. While they may not offer the best sound quality overall, they remain one of the top choices for the best Bluetooth headset for swimming due to their versatility and fit.

Here are some additional details about the Swimbuds waterproof earphones:

They are suitable for use at a depth of up to 3 meters. The earphones come with different chord lengths. They include a short 40cm chord to prevent tangling and dangling of cords around your face while swimming and turning. Additionally, there is an added 1m chord that allows you to hold it while you swim.

3. Relxhome Bone Conduction Headphones

Relxhome Bone Conduction Headphones, Swimming Headphones Bluetooth 5.3, MP3 Sports Headphones Built-in 32GB Memory, IPX8 Waterproof Headphones, Wireless Open Ear Headphones for Swimming, Running

The Relxhome headphones are designed for swimming. They feature enclosed bone conduction technology that enables users to wear both a swim cap and swim goggles simultaneously. The headphones have an IPX8 waterproof rating, making them ideal for various water sports, including swimming and snorkeling.


Swimming headphones utilize advanced bone conduction technology. They transmit sound to your inner ear by vibrating the bones in your skull, instead of relying on air to transmit sound waves like traditional headphones. The open-ear design of these headphones lets you enjoy your music while staying aware of your surroundings. This design also keeps the ear canal clean and prevents any feeling of burden when wearing them.

The headset is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.3 chip that significantly enhances communication speed, distance, and stability. It boasts a transmission range of 15 meters with near-zero latency, low power consumption, and other advantages. Moreover, the headset features a large built-in 200mAh battery that provides up to 8 hours of playtime at 80% volume. It allows you to enjoy your favorite music throughout your exercise routine.

These bone-conduction headphones come with a built-in memory of 32GB, which can store approximately 8000 songs. They support various audio formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, and FLAC, allowing you to listen to music without the need for additional equipment.

4. Hamuti Bone Conduction Headphones

Hamuti Open Ear Bone Conduction Headphone

The Hamuti Bone Conduction headphones are built with a durable wraparound titanium frame and advanced waterproof and sweat-proof technology. That makes them resistant to water damage and ensures long-lasting use. They offer the freedom to move and are designed to be stable and durable.


Compared to traditional earphones, bone conduction earphones provide a unique listening experience where you can enjoy music while also staying aware of your surroundings, ensuring safety during outdoor workouts. These earphones use vibration to transfer sound waves through the cheekbones to the inner ear, resulting in clear audio even in noisy settings. This bone conduction technology ensures an exceptional audio experience.

This lightweight headset is user-friendly and efficient. It features a titanium wraparound frame, is incredibly lightweight, and boasts a powerful battery life. It also includes the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip and 32GB memory, making it easy to use. This ergonomically designed headset offers up to 6-8 hours of uninterrupted music or calls on a single full charge. It is built to last and can withstand wear and tear.

These waterproof headphones are not only resistant to sweat, moisture, and dust, but they are also deeply waterproof. It allows you to listen to downloaded music while underwater.

These headphones are suitable for various indoor and outdoor activities such as swimming, running, and fitness, among others. They enable you to enjoy listening to music while participating in outdoor sports.

Best Bluetooth Headset for Swimming

How to Choose the Right Waterproof Headphones?

Listening to music while working out has been scientifically proven to enhance the benefits of exercising. Whether you prefer water jogging or swimming laps in a nearby pool, having the appropriate music and playlist can significantly improve your workout experience.

To ensure that you have the best headphone for swimming, it is crucial to consider the essential features and the most effective way to deliver your favorite tunes.

Here are some of the critical factors to keep in mind when selecting waterproof headphones that suit your needs.

Boneless Conduction

Waterproof headphones designed for swimming have undergone significant advancements in recent years. The primary hurdle was how to deliver clear sound to the ears when water tends to impede it.

An ingenious solution to this problem is the use of bone conduction technology, which transmits sound waves directly to the inner ear through the cheekbone, bypassing the need for traditional headphones and the challenge of keeping water out. FINIS was the first brand to introduce bone-conduction headphones for swimmers, and other companies quickly followed suit. Additionally, this technology eliminates the inconvenience of dangling wires while swimming.

For swimmers who prefer wearing earplugs while swimming, bone-conduction headphones are an excellent option.

Earbuds Sizes

If swimmers like to listen to music while doing laps, the difficulty they face is finding earphones that fit comfortably in their ears. This is because everyone’s ear canals are different in size and shape. To ensure a snug and secure fit while swimming, it is recommended to have earbuds with different tip sizes. The headphones suggested in this guide generally have multiple tip sizes available to accommodate various ear shapes and sizes and provide the best sound quality for every individual.


When searching for headphones that are suitable for water-related activities, it’s crucial to prioritize waterproofing. One common mistake that buyers make is confusing water-resistant and waterproof ratings. Water-resistant devices are suitable for damp environments such as sweating during exercise and are rated between IPX3 to IPX7. However, for swimming, it’s crucial to choose headphones and music players with a rating of IPX7 or higher. Ratings less than IPX7 are not designed for prolonged submersion and can cause damage to your device.


Is IPX7 OK for swimming?

If you’re looking for earbuds to use while swimming, it’s important to choose ones with an IPX7 rating or higher to avoid damage. An IPX7 rating ensures that your earbuds will remain protected in water up to three feet deep for 30 minutes. For longer submersion, it’s best to opt for earbuds with an IPX9 rating.

How can I listen to Spotify while swimming?

Here are five options for listening to music while swimming:

  1. Bone conduction headphones: These are the best option for listening to music while swimming laps. The headphones work by transmitting sound through your cheekbones to your inner ear, leaving your ear canals open and allowing you to hear the music and the environment around you.
  2. Waterproof earbuds: If you prefer traditional earbuds, there are waterproof options available. Make sure to choose earbuds with an IPX7 or higher waterproof rating.
  3. Waterproof Spotify music player: You can also use a waterproof music player, like the Spotify Swim, which is specifically for swimmers and can be used with waterproof headphones.
  4. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers: If you’re swimming with friends or family, you can bring a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to play music poolside. Look for speakers with an IPX7 or higher rating.
  5. Waterproof mini tablet: If you want to watch movies or videos while swimming, you can use a waterproof mini tablet with waterproof headphones or speakers. Make sure to choose a tablet with an IPX7 or higher rating to protect it from water damage.

Can you swim laps with AirPods?

No, the Apple AirPods, AirPods 3, and AirPods Pro are not fully waterproof. It is not recommended to wear them while swimming or exposing them to water. It is important to use headphones that are specially designed for swimming and water activities if you want to listen to music while swimming.


In conclusion, there are several great Bluetooth headset for swimming on the market. Whether you prefer bone conduction technology or traditional earbuds, there is a headset out there that will work for you. Make sure to consider factors such as battery life, waterproofing, and fit when choosing the best headset for your needs. With a good Bluetooth headset, you can enjoy your favorite tunes or podcasts while you swim and make your workouts much more enjoyable.

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