How to Fix Galaxy Buds Keeps Disconnecting

Galaxy Buds are great earbuds for enjoying any kind of music. The problem that frustrates many people is galaxy buds keeps disconnecting from the device. 

Suddenly, they disconnect from the device and ruin the fondness for music. If you are also facing this issue, you are at the right place. 

I have contacted the Samsung support team to figure out why Galaxy Buds keep disconnecting and what you can do to fix this problem.

How to Stop Galaxy Buds From Disconnecting

Low Battery 

One of the main reasons why Galaxy Buds keep disconnecting from the device may be their low battery. The battery is the only source of power for earbuds’ inside electronics. 

At low battery due to lack of power earbuds circuit doesn’t work. And as a result, your Galaxy Buds disconnect. 

Therefore to fix this problem, you should fully charge your earbuds and their charging case.

Reset Galaxy Buds

Galaxy Buds can disconnect from the device due to its overload and minor issues. We try different settings in Galaxy Buds to make music more enjoyable. 

This thing overloads Buds, so they won’t work correctly and keep disconnecting from the device. 

Therefore to fix this problem, you should reset your Galaxy Buds.

Follow the below steps to reset your Galaxy Buds.

  1. Open the Samsung wearable app and locate and tap About earbuds.
  2. Then choose the Reset option.
  3. The app will ask you if you want to proceed by saying, “all settings will reset to default.”
  4. Tap the Reset option.

Once reset, complete pair your Galaxy Buds with whatever device you want. To see if they stay connected with it.

Restart Galaxy Buds

As you know, different music settings can overload your Galaxy Buds. Restarting Buds can also fix problems. If the reset doesn’t work, then restart your Buds.

Here is how you can restart your Galaxy Buds.

  1. Put both earbuds in the charging case and close the lid.
  2. Don’t open the case lid until the LED light on it stop flashing.
  3. Now take Buds out of the case.

However, if the charging case LED flashes Red or Orange, then charge the earbuds and charging case.

Device Range & Interference

Galaxy Buds will disconnect if the distance between the device and them is more than 30 feet. Therefore for a stable connection, make sure both device and Galaxy Buds are close. 

Due to interference in the way of Bluetooth signals, Galaxy Buds continuously disconnect. 

Most of the time, Wi-Fi routers and microwaves weak Bluetooth signals. And as a result, Buds disconnect from the device. 

Therefore make sure to use your Galaxy Buds away from those devices.

Update Galaxy Buds

Galaxy Buds use software called firmware for connecting to devices. Sometimes outdated firmware cause Galaxy Buds to continuously disconnect from the device. 

Therefore updating the firmware to the latest version is the best solution to fix this problem. 

You can check whether or not firmware is updated by the Galaxy Wearable app. Simply open the app and tap About Samsung Gear, and tap Menu. Then tap update and check the firmware version.

Here is how you can update your Galaxy Buds firmware.

Through mobile:

  1. Download and open the Galaxy Wearable app.
  2. Then pair your Galaxy Buds with your mobile.
  3. Now tap earbuds settings and then tap software update.
  4. Then tap Download and install the latest firmware.

Through PC:

  1. Open the Galaxy Buds Manager app and then pair your earbuds with it.
  2. Then select your Galaxy Buds specific model.
  3. Check for the firmware update; if available, then download and install.

Through iPhone:

  1. Open the Galaxy Buds app on your iPhone.
  2. Then pair Buds and tap firmware software update.
  3. Now tap Download and install the new version.

Clear App Cache

Clearing the Samsung app cache is another best solution to fix Galaxy Buds that keep disconnecting. 

Sometimes different devices’ data is collected in the app, which interferes. As a result, Buds cannot recognize which device they have to pair. 

Therefore they keep disconnecting from your device. You can fix this problem by clearing your Samsung app cache.

Here is how you can do that.

  1. Open your mobile phone settings and tap apps.
  2. Then find and tap Galaxy Wearable.
  3. Then tap storage and wipe clear data.
  4. Now tap OK on the popup.

Can Galaxy buds be repaired?

You can either request a service visit to your home, schedule a walk-in appointment, or send your device by mail for repair.

How do I update a single Galaxy bud?

To update your earbuds, first, launch the Galaxy Buds Manager app or Gear IconX Manager app on your computer. Ensure that the earbuds are connected to the PC, and then choose the Connect option. After the earbuds are successfully paired, click on the Check for updates button. If there is an available update, you can proceed to install it from this point.

Why is one of my Galaxy buds not turning on?

If you’re experiencing difficulties with charging or powering on your Galaxy earbuds, there could be an issue with either the earbuds themselves or the charging case. It’s important to note that using a charger that is not approved by Samsung may lead to charging problems. Additionally, there is a possibility that the earbuds themselves are damaged.

Final Thoughts

Galaxy Buds will disconnect from the device due to glitches in it. To fix this issue, you can reset or restart your earbuds. Also, due to low battery, these Buds keep disconnecting. 

You can fix this issue by charging them. However, if they continue to disconnect after troubleshooting.

Then probably you should return your Galaxy Buds. You can do that by contacting Samsung live chat. They will ask you to send Buds’ serial number. Then will proceed with the return.

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