Headphones not Working on MacBook (9 Potential Solutions)

Have you ever experienced a situation when you’re waiting to join an online meeting and suddenly realize that your MacBook headphones not working? If yes, you can feel the annoying vibes that the situation brings along.

And if that happens, in the next five minutes, you do everything you can to bring the headphones back to working mode. 

The article enlists some solutions that can help you fix the headphone issues on your Mac by yourself. Let’s start with the simple solution and move on to the advanced workaround methods. 

What You Must Consider

Before you implement any of the fixes, ensure that the sound bar on your MacBook is not set to ‘Mute’. Next, ensure that the apps you are using, such as Spotify or YouTube, are not at fault.

Some of the fixes mentioned in this blog post may require you to install apps and update drivers, so make sure that the device is properly optimized.

You may also need to clear storage to ensure that system slowdowns are not causing the sound interruption.  

How to Fix Headphones Not Working on MacBook?

Unplug & Plug Your Headphones 

Sometimes the issues are the result of a nonfunctional headphone jack, so make sure to check it before trying any other fix. The MacBook often behaves like the headphones are connected when they aren’t.

In that case, if you try to play music via speakers, you may not hear any sound. Unplug the headphones and try to connect them again to fix the issue. 

Restart Your MacBook 

More often, a simple restart is a solution to minor as well as major technical glitches on computers.

So, restart the MacBook and wait for 10 minutes for each program to load properly.

Once the system starts properly, try to plug in the headphones and play music or YouTube videos to check if they are working. 

Try a Different Music App

If you are using a music app to listen to music or stream a show, the chances are that the sound problem occurs in the app itself.

So, install another app or launch an alternate app (if you already have one installed) on your laptop to check if you can listen to the sound.

Before you plan to install another app, ensure you have enough space available on the drive. 

Check Sound Settings

Tweaking the settings can bring the audio to functional mode on your MacBook. First, remove any external speakers or wireless earphones.

Now adjust settings by navigating to the Apple menu and then selecting System Preferences.

Next, select Sound, click on the Output tab and tap on MacBook Pro Speakers to adjust the settings. 

Clean Headphone Port

When the speakers on your MacBook are working appropriately, and the sound problem exists with the headphones only, you need to check the headphone jack or port.

Inspect the port carefully to check if anything sticking inside is preventing headphones connectivity.

Remove any dust or dirt that might have accumulated on the walls of the port. 

Update OS & Software 

Outmoded software versions can be the major cause of sound issues.

As soon as you realize that the MacBook headphones not working is a real issue, update the operating system as well as the installed apps.

This will help you to avoid any functional issues ranging from display to sound. Go to the Apple menu, tap System Preferences, and click Software Update. 

Check Bluetooth Settings

Assuming that you are using BlueTooth headphones to listen to music or attend online meetings on your MacBook, it is recommended that you check your Bluetooth settings.

For the best fix, disable Bluetooth on MacBook and unpair the headphones.

Then, turn on the Bluetooth services and try to pair the devices. Check if the headphones started working. 

Remove External Devices

If you have several devices like Bluetooth earphones, a keyboard, mouse, speakers, or anything else connected to the MacBook, remove them all. Now restart your device and wait until it boots properly.

Connect your headphones back to the MacBook. Play audio or a video clip and test if the headphones are working. 

Contact Professional Help

If any of the solutions mentioned in this article doesn’t seem to work and you are still not able to listen to anything on your headphones, it’s time to seek professional help.

But make sure to contact a certified technician only. Alternatively, you can take your MacBook to the nearest Apple Repair Center for trusted services. 

The Conclusion 

After trying the fixes mentioned above, you will be able to connect your headphones to the MacBook and listen to your favorite music or podcast.

Although the workaround methods and suggestions enlisted in this article are easy to implement, you have to be careful while trying them on your device. 

Also, back up your computer before practicing any type of troubleshooting, as a single mistake can result in data loss.

You can backup data using Apple’s proprietary backup app – Time Machine, a third-party tool, or move data to the cloud.