JBL Live 660 NC Over Ear A Reliable Pair of ANC Headphones

JBL Live 660NC - Wireless Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones with Long Lasting Battery and Voice Assistant - Black, Medium

If you are looking for a pair of wireless headphones that can deliver great sound quality, noise cancellation, and battery life, you might want to check out the JBL Live 660 NC over ear. These headphones are designed to elevate your listening experience with JBL Signature Sound, Adaptive Noise Cancelling, and Smart Ambient technologies. You can also easily access your favorite voice assistant with a tap or a voice command.

JBL Live 660 NC over ear features

Design and Comfort

The JBL Live 660NC has a simple and sleek design that comes in black, blue, or white. The headphones are made of mostly plastic, with a metal strip running through the headband for added stability. The headband is cushioned and covered in fabric, while the ear pads are thick and covered in a soft leatherette. The headphones can fold and rotate to fit in the included carrying pouch, making them travel-friendly.

The headphones are reasonably comfortable to wear for long periods, thanks to the adjustable headband and the extra tilt range of the ear cups. However, some people might find the ear cups too narrow for their ears, which could cause discomfort or pressure. The headphones also have physical buttons on the ear cups for controlling playback, volume, ANC, and voice assistant.

Sound Quality and Noise Cancellation

The JBL Live 660 NC over ear delivers a powerful and balanced sound that can be customized with the JBL Headphones app. The app lets you choose from different EQ presets or create your own. The headphones also support AAC and SBC codecs for high-quality wireless streaming.

The headphones feature Adaptive Noise Cancelling, which blocks out unwanted ambient noise and lets you focus on your music. You can adjust the level of noise cancellation with the app or use the Ambient Aware mode to let in some external sounds for safety. The TalkThru mode lowers the music volume and amplifies speech so you can have conversations without taking off your headphones.

Battery Life and Features

The JBL Live 660 NC over ear boasts an impressive battery life of up to 50 hours with ANC off and up to 40 hours with ANC on. A quick 10-minute charge can give you an extra 4 hours of playtime. The headphones also have an auto play/pause feature that automatically pauses the music when you take them off and resumes it when you put them back on.

The headphones come with built-in support for Google Assistant and Alexa, which you can activate with your voice or a tap on the ear cup. You can also use the app to set your preferred voice assistant and access other features. The headphones also support Google Fast Pair, which lets you easily connect them to your Android device.

Are the JBL Live 660 good for the gym?

In terms of over-ear workout headphones within their price range, the JBL Live 660NC Wireless headphones reign supreme. While they may be slightly less comfortable for the majority of users compared to the Beats Studio3 Wireless, they possess a strong clamping force that ensures they stay securely in position during intense workout sessions.

Does JBL Live 660NC have noise cancellation?

The JBL Live 660NC headphones provide a satisfactory level of active noise cancellation (ANC). They are capable of effectively reducing up to 30dB of noise specifically around the 300Hz frequency range, which is quite commendable and shouldn’t be underestimated.

How long can you enjoy the live 660NC noise canceling function?

With a remarkable battery life of up to 50 hours and the convenience of Speed Charge. The JBL Live 660NC headphones offer extensive usage without the need for frequent recharging. Additionally, these headphones provide a personalized audio experience through the My JBL Headphones free app. By downloading the app, users can customize the sound by adjusting EQ settings, choosing their preferred Voice Assistant, configuring Smart Ambient settings, and exploring many more features to enhance their listening experience.

Does JBL Live 660NC have bass?

The sound profile of these headphones leans slightly towards a bass-heavy response, adding a pleasant dose of depth and impact to your audio mixes. However, the overall balance remains well-tuned, making them suitable for various types of audio content. Should you desire a different sound experience, the companion app offers a parametric EQ and pre-configured sound presets, allowing you to personalize and fine-tune the audio to your preferences.

Is it OK to wear noise Cancelling headphones all day?

Noise cancelling headphones can have some benefits and drawbacks for your health, depending on how loud and how long you use them.

Noise cancelling headphones work by either physically blocking out external noise (passive noise cancellation) or electronically producing an opposite sound wave that cancels out the ambient noise (active noise cancellation). Both methods can help you enjoy your music or podcasts without being disturbed by unwanted sounds, and also protect your hearing from loud noises that can damage your ears.

However, noise cancelling headphones can also have some negative effects on your health, such as:

  • Jaw pain, headaches, dizziness, and ear pressure caused by the noise cancellation technology.
  • Blocking of important sounds such as alarms, sirens, or yelling/knocking on the door.
  • Disorientation or motion sickness due to the lack of external noise feedback.
  • Hearing loss or tinnitus due to listening at high volumes for long periods.

To avoid these potential risks, you should follow some guidelines for healthy headphone use, such as:

  • Keep the volume below 70 dB (about the level of a normal conversation) and avoid listening at maximum volume.
  • Limit your listening time to less than two hours per day and take breaks every 15 minutes.
  • Choose over-ear headphones rather than earbuds for better comfort and sound quality.
  • Use noise cancelling headphones only when necessary and switch to ambient mode or turn them off when you need to hear your surroundings.
  • Clean your earbuds regularly and replace them if they are damaged or worn out.

Noise cancelling headphones can be a great tool for enhancing your listening experience and reducing stress, but they should be used with caution and moderation. By following these tips, you can enjoy your headphones safely and responsibly.


The JBL Live 660 NC over ear is a solid pair of ANC headphones that offers a lot of value. The sound quality, noise cancellation, and battery life are all above average. The app gives you plenty of options to personalize your listening experience. The only major drawbacks are the narrow ear cups and the mediocre microphone quality. If you can overlook these flaws, you will enjoy these headphones as your everyday companion.

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