Jabra Case Not Charging [5 Ways to Fix]

Typically Jabra Elite earbuds case charges when you plug the charger into it. However, if your Jabra Elite charging case is not charging then definitely there is something wrong.  There can be a fault in the case itself, charger, or anything else.

But don’t be frustrated because you can at least try some simple ways that we have written below after hours of research.

Let’s get started

How to know if the Jabra Elite case is charging?

Here is how you can know if the Jabra Elite case is charging.

When you plug the charger into it or place it on the wireless charging pad the LED indicator on it will flash which means the case is charging.

If the LED indicator doesn’t light up then it is not charging.

How to fix Jabra earbuds not charging

Reset case

The first solution to fix the Jabra Elite case is to reset it. Because due to glitches it can stop charging. Therefore resetting will remove every kind of glitch from it. 

Here is how you can reset your Jabra Elite charging case. (During reset it doesn’t matter whether earbuds are in the case or not.)

  1. Open the charging case and leave its lid open.
  2. Connect the charging case to a power source with the original charging cable.
  3. The firmware for it will be restarted.

Now your Jabra Elite is successfully reset you should plug the charger into it and check whether or not it is charging.

Clean charging port

The Jabra Elite case starts charging when we plug the charger into its port. But sometimes the current doesn’t flow properly due to the dirt in the charging port.

Therefore you should clean the case charging port and the charging cable. You can do that with the blower or cotton swab.

However, you have to be careful while cleaning because anything wrong can permanently damage the charging case.

After cleaning the charging port of the case and charger dry them. And then try to charge it.

Check the charging cable or wall outlet

If after resetting and cleaning your Jabra earbuds not charging, then you should check to charging cable and wall outlet.

The charging cable can stop working due to a regular twist at its ends.

Because of the twist little wires inside the cable can break which currently doesn’t flow and as a result case doesn’t charge.

The simple way to check whether the cable is faulty or not is to use another one. If the case starts charging with another charging cable it means the charging cable is faulty.

Therefore you have to buy a new one to charge your Jabra Elite case.

Temperature problem

To charge the Jabra Elite earbuds charging case it has to be at normal temperature.

Because there is a standard operating temperature to charge the case. Which is -5°C to 45°C. 

Outside of this normal temperature range, the case of Elite earbuds will cease to protect the battery and product from overheating.

Therefore if you have exposed the charging case to an extremely low or high temperature then you have to bring its temperature to normal and then try to charge it.

Power source requirements

If you are using a third-party charging cable or charger to fuel the case. Then you have to make sure it meets the requirements otherwise the case will not be charged for it.

These are the recommended guidelines.

  1. Use the charger that is certified to use in your specific country or location.
  2. Make sure the charger properly fits into the charging port and the wall outlet.
  3. Don’t use a wet or damaged charger to charge the product.

If the charger meets these requirements then you should try to charge your Jabra Elite case.

Buy a New Charging Case Replacement

You can purchase Jabra charging case replacements here

Wrapping up

If all of the above-described solutions don’t fix your Jabra Elite case charging problem. Then you should contact Jabra consumer support to return the case. 

Initially, they will tell you to reset the case and after that, they will tell you to send charging case photos with the inside codes.

And then they will mail you how and where you can return it and get a new case.

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Frequently asked questions

How to charge the Jabra Elite case?

Here is how you can charge your Jabra Elite case.

To charge the Jabra Elite case simply plug it into a USB cable or certified charger. An LED on the case will flash to show it is charging.

How long does it take to charge the Jabra Elite case?

Here is how long the Jabra Elite case takes to completely charge.

It will take 3.5 hours to completely charge from the dead battery. Also, you can quickly charge for 10 minutes to get 1 hour of charge from it.

Why are my Jabra earbuds case not charging?

Issues with charging and performance can arise from the accumulation of debris over time, including earwax, sweat, or oils. Hence, maintaining proper ear hygiene and regularly cleaning the earbuds is crucial to prevent such issues.

Why is my Jabra case not lighting up?

If the LED indicator on the charging case fails to illuminate when you plug it into a power outlet, attempting to reset the charging case might resolve the issue.

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